The World’s Fastest VPN –VyprVPN: Get your free trial now

With government agencies, corporate offices, and hackers all trying to access your private data for self-motivated reasons, the internet can fast become a trap for leaching all your private information. Fortunately, hope is at hand: in the form of a virtual private network, the VyprVPN.

What can VyprVPN do for you?

Unlike generic VPNs that aim at only creating a secure virtual network, our product comes integrated with apps, firewalls, encryption systems, multiple protocols and more, for wholesome, all-round protection. The upshot is a smoother, safer, and better internet experience for every user. The three-step formula of the VyprVPN works in your favour by helping you: a) protect your privacy; b) safeguarding and boosting internet connection, c) helping actively mitigate censorship attempts.

How does it work?

The VyprVPN goes one step ahead of ordinary internet VPNs, not limiting itself to providing you with a one-track channel from one device to the other. Apps like the Boxee, Feat VPN, Viscocity are all synchronized seamlessly with the VyprVPN to ensure that this protection extends to all your connected devices including tablets, smartphones and laptops.

The VyprDNS, a zero-logging DNS server, on the other hand, ensures that you can completely avoid internet censorship. Multiple protocol encryptions, too, actively work against restrictive measures such as data throttling, generally undertaken by ISPs and university/corporate networks.

Our Chameleon technology thus works on the basis of the OpenVPN 256 bit protocol, scrambling metadata before data transmission to protect against blocks/data-throttling. The additional NAT firewall also ensures an extra layer of security for any data leaving your device(s).

Delivering the fastest service possible

Because of these active measures against data throttling, and the secure channel from our server to your computer, we can guarantee you the fastest and smoothest experience of the web that you can ever have. You can now watch US Netflix or Hulu Plus outside the USA on your laptop, iPhone, android tablet with Best VPN Service 

With the added privilege of escaping from censorship, data piracy, and illicit data collection, you can now be free to completely enjoy your internet experience.