Unlocator DNS Proxy

Unlocator – Give you seamless access to streaming content

Unlocator DNS ServiceContent and geographical restrictions holding you back from freely enjoying all the multimedia content available on the World Wide Web? Tired of stuttering software and IP hiders that reduce your web browsing to a drag? Well, Unlocator is the most advanced, sophisticated and simple solution that allows you to seamlessly access all the streaming services that make the web such an exciting space! Allowing you to access 162 popular web streaming services along with the facility of ‘appearing’ in the desired location simultaneously for multiple content streaming sessions, Unlocator is the next level of DNS services. Here’s more on how Unlocator weaves its magic –

Unlocator – Your private DNS server

Simply put, Unlocator is a smart DNS service that hides your geographical details, and hence allows you to access content limited to certain countries and regions. The best part – Unlocator does so without slowing down your web connection, and hence ensures the best multimedia entertainment that the web has to offer. From Netflix to Vevo, from M-GO to Amazon Instant Video, all content networks are within your access with Unlocator backing you up. The list of services supported by Unlocator is constantly growing, which makes it the most coveted DNS service.

No software downloads, potent with all devices – Unlocator is the next big thing!

Unlike troublesome DNS services that necessitate software download, Unlocator works without any applications being installed on your devices. This magical DNS service works by adjusting the network settings of your device, thus successfully hiding your geographical information and ensuring seamless connection with all content streaming services online. What’s more, you don’t even need to be a networking wizard to be able to set Unlocator up, as you get detailed guides to alter network settings with your devices.  What’s more, you can use Unlocator with your smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and smart TVs.

Unlocator DNS Service