5 reasons you should hire a web development company

Hire a web development company

With the advent of websites like WordPress, GoDaddy and Wix, it might be tempting to think you don’t need to outsource your web development to professionals. Each of these sites offers quick and easy web development that “anybody” can do. And with 25% of websites hosted on WordPress, you could be fooled into thinking this route is the cheapest and easiest. However there are a significant number of reasons to outsource this work to a professional web development company.

Mobile is key

Most of these do it yourself DIY sites are poorly optimized for mobile browsing. This might not seem an issue whilst you are sat at an expensive desktop viewing the site on full screen, but consider that the majority of all web traffic is on Mobiles and you realise how important being mobile optimized is. Knowing that a significant number of websites are running on out of the box DIY web layouts and aren’t optimized for mobile should ring alarm bells for most companies. Having a fast and slick mobile experience can be a real advantage in a competitive industry.

The Server is Down: Reliability

What happens if your site goes down? Do you have a contingency plan? Would you know who to call? If you’ve build the site in house with your own web developer are you sure they would know what to do if something went wrong. And if you’ve built with and out of the box provider you are often at their mercy. Building with a web development company that are experts in reliability can give you piece of mind.

A Faster Site Means Better User Experience

A number of cool sites like Pingdom and GtMetrix can tell you how fast your site is currently running. If yours is running like a cruise liner and not speed boat, that might because you don’t have a professional at the wheel. Optimizing web speed is something that comes naturally for those that know, but inexperienced developers using DIY plug and play sites can clog up your site and slow it down.

Search Engine Optimization: It’s not just keywords

If you have a website, you’ve probably heard somebody talk about Search Engine Optimization. But it’s not as easy as it used to. Google’s search algorithms has become increasingly complex to a point where it takes a lot of work to understand and optimize your site.

Stand Out Design Builds Brands

It wont come as a surprise to hear that incredibly website design can increase both conversions and sales. Building that brand specific slick design isn’t easy. It takes time and skill. Web development companies are specialised in providing these experiences for clients. Hiring one could actually make you money.

Who should I pick?

Before you select a company, look at their list of previous projects to see if they stack up. If you are local, say in New York,  then it may be best to go local and search for a web development company in nyc. Working remote can work if you trust the employer or they have a large portfolio of remote work but details often get lost in translation over email. The “feeling” of a project is often best conveyed face to face or on video conference.

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